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Entry #1

This Get's Old

2013-03-10 16:35:47 by ToastedToastyToast

It seems that every time I'm here, I'm following a pattern. I'll be online quite active, I'll get out a couple of mini-games, plan more, maybe a big one, something will come up, the going get's tough, life get's in the way, technical difficulties, computer problems or something of the likes, I'll go offline, I'll announce my triumphant return and then this process starts over. It's always the same thing and it always seems to be timed. It's like it's following an annoying looping pattern.

Last time this happened I could have been back online rather quick, but for some reason I decided I wasn't happy enough with things to come back just yet. I hadn't the will to work on things, nor the will to talk or update people or even the will to change my website. I just wasn't interested. I always thought, I'll get back to this next week, but next week never came. I wasn't inactive, I just was lurking here. Dropping by every now and then and checking PM's, looking at other artists updates and maybe (But rarely) checking out a couple of new submissions. But for the most part I was spending all my internet time talking to friends and chatting to people on the TCB forum. Even more rarely, I'd pop by make some posts here and there and maybe even submitted some new(er) art.

Newgrounds really hasn't been the same, especially since the re-design. It seems to have lost that something that made Newgrounds... Newgrounds? The members have changed, a lot of the better ones have left, the worse ones are getting worse and we have a whole bunch of new users which are, well... Terrible. Submissions have less consistent scores, most things are submitted by random people who run accounts here just for the exposure and aren't really an active member. The reviews have lowered drastically in quality, the majority of reviews were just comments or (Not so) witty remarks and other stupid crap. But now they are pretty much all short comments, many dropping to 1-3 words, excessively poor grammar, shorthand, memes, referances, stupid, often accusing people of ripping this or that off, or not really having viewed it properly. What more can I say.

On the other hand, I have confidence that Newgrounds will prevail, the staff are going to keep working on it until it's absolutely perfect. It's already made a dramatic leap since the redesign, although I do wholeheartedly agree that the sites member base has dropped in standards since, I'm sure this will even out. People will realize over time that this is a really great site and better members will come, other members may come back. I for one am here to stay, not all Newgrounds members are bad. There are some really good ones, for as long as there is atleast a handful of good users on this site I am going nowhere. Newgrounds patriot that I am, I shit orange and yellow sunbeams.

So where have I been all this time? Well I have been a little busy. In a very productive way. Before being almost innactive on Newgrounds I finished up 2 mini-games. Afterwards finishing 6 more mini-games and 5 incomplete experimental games. I also at some point or another began work on a Bunnykill tribute game, which unfortunately I lost the game file for, but still had the .swf and so through black magic was able to recover it. Later FatShark a friend of mine from the TCB forum, began some plans and preparation for a possible future game. I also got quite involved in music, I was invited to join a few bands. One of them (Skulldrinker) who I'm the backing vocalist and the artist for has already been releasing a few tracks.

But more importantly I have gone back into education, this time for different forms of media to earn a few valuable qualifications. And as part of a series of art awards projects I have began planning a game. After delays and a few false starts I began planning and preperation. Dived into some art and animation, hired myself a few decent musicians and voice actors. I was going to release a closed Beta, but I decided it wasn't quite ready unfortunately leaving all testers hanging a little. It's going good, I'm planning multi-versions/platforms. Which I'll admit I'm somewhat new to, but I'm getting the hang of it. So all good news from here.

I'm going to try and be as active as possible from now on. But that being said, life is very unpredictable. Have a nice day.


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